30 August 2010

Not a proofreading believer

It's been a while since I wrote [typed?].

Come to find out, the adult world outside of academia is disappointingly uninspiring. It's not that I don't want to write, but rather than all the things happening in life seem unimportant. In my mind, it's better to not write at all than to write something a little boring.

Perhaps this explains a lot about my life.

I'm finding that one of my main struggles in writing and activism and sharing my own stories is that I feel like I have the same perspective as any other white, female-identifying, middle class feminist from the suburbs. What I'm forgetting is the unique perspective of a white, female-identifying, middle class feminist from the suburbs. I mean, it's only so unique (check out Feministing...they've got their fair share of white, middle class, feminist, suburban women [and, in all fairness, a great number of women of color and men, too]). My perspective can be broken down into those identities, or can be broken down into the perspective of someone who graduated from that college with that degree (a degree that deserves more scrutinizing than this entry will offer) who then found a non-profit job in this city at that time. So, it is a unique perspective. AND, it's important that I start talking and sharing from that perspective because it's one with a relative history of relative privilege with intersecting identities that might explain the way I function in the world. Plus, if I hope to work toward breaking down barriers and looking more closely and honestly at my own privilege and the privilege around me, it's doing myself an injustice to keep quiet.

Hopefully I'll be seeing you again soon. With more thoughts and better ideas.