17 October 2010


I just pondered all my blogs. What a depressing place, this Intimate Association has become!

Nix the "coming soon" post. I'm pondering up something that will perhaps be more lighthearted and more telling of what I believe to be my usual happy (though cynical and easily annoyed) self. Like, for example, hilarious things that happen at work. About a million situations a day would mandate a post if only confidentiality weren't so darn tricky. Of course, there are ways and it will happen and I will share these stories with you, my few loyal followers.

So, what's REALLY coming soon is something more upbeat that the past 20 posts have been. Here's to being easily annoyed, cynical, and happy all at the same time.*

*None of this is to say that I won't still bring up points regarding privilege, power, feminism, and the like. It IS to say that all of those things can be discussed without leading my readers into a deep, dark place where nobody wants to go.

(P.S. The picture at the top is a visual of "happy".)

06 October 2010

Coming soon

I'm working on writing a post about body image, societal ideas about this, and other such ideas as I have been inspired by a few incredible women who have recently shared their frustrations and feelings via facebook. I'll post it. Someday.

Body image is a constant, wake-up-in-the-morning struggle for me and just the thought of writing about it and exposing myself is stressful and tiring. I think there's some healing power in writing and expressing and telling and I really want to feel that authentically, so I don't want to write and post without assessing and pondering and deleting and re-writing.

There are other topics in the queue that will get some attention soon after I'm done mulling and pacing. Come to find out, blogs are stressful.