29 September 2010

Keeping it going

I never write. I'm the worst blogger there ever was.

I've been considering transitioning to tumblr because people have done some sa-weet things with tumblr. The trouble is, one must write/post in order to have a successful blog. Blogger could be sa-weet like tumblr but only if I actually use it. In my mind, I should only post if I have something BIG or important or profound to talk about, but maybe that isn't the goal at all?

Originally, Intimate Association started as a part of a class project (and because I'd wanted to start a blog for a long time) and that class was focused on social justice. In turn, this blog seemed like it needed to focus on social justice. At the time, it did. Realistically, even if I wanted to write about something besides social justice or feminism, those topics would inadvertently become a part of the entry simply because those topics are an important piece of my world view. Anyway, I've avoided writing/posting because I haven't been feeling as much of a connection with those topics post-graduation.

Maybe I need to expand my blogging horizons and start writing about other things? I could write for years about my job, or about cohabitation, or about how much I like to clean, or probably what I did over the weekend--have you ever been to a country concert?! I now understand why I haven't done that before. If anybody, anybody at all, is reading this, it'd be great to have a few thoughts about what you're reading/writing so that I might be able to try something new.

And, if you're still checking on my blog...thanks. It's been relatively lifeless and cobweb-y around here lately.