17 June 2010


Things I've been meaning to write about, but haven't gotten around to:
  • remember when rape jokes weren't funny? That time is now. They still aren't funny. They weren't funny yesterday, they aren't funny today, and I'd be willing to be all my money that they won't be funny again ever.
  • Transitioning from full time student + employee at a feminist workplace + volunteering (equaling out to what I imagine was a 70+ hour week) into the 40hour/week working world is more difficult than anticipated.
  • On a similar note, how do grown ups find hobbies? I don't know what to do with myself at night besides put pajamas on and watch TV.
  • Why living with a partner is better than living alone.
  • Why being exceptionally independent makes living with a partner a challenge from time to time (and less so when he cooks for you every night...!!!)
  • Exercising doesn't come naturally to me. Evidently, gaining weight at rapid speed does. Well.
I guess that's about all. Sorry to the 0.5 people who read my blog. Or, sorry to myself for not writing more often. I'm not very crafty or clever or inspired for words.


  1. yay! i was just thinking today that i miss your blog! i like all of these topics. and could really relate to a lot of what you said. i have heard lots of WS/ES graduates say that they miss their social justice spaces to process what's going on at work and with their new friends. maybe that could be a "grownup" hobby for you. :)

  2. ps love the new backgrouond.

  3. i'm glad you still check in sometimes! I feel more like writing if I know someone might read it:)

  4. How DO grownups find hobbies? I feel like everyone just zooms straight for the bar after work or to the couch. Maybe that's just me. Not that I'm working. I'm saying, though...