14 April 2011


Hi blog, I'm back.

Last year, I visited a high school in Denver to present to multiple Spanish classes about my trip in Spring '08 to Juarez, Mexico to learn about the femicides. I've been invited back, but this time I've been asked to talk briefly about my trip and more about feminist ethics/theories and how they connect to the UN's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Look, here's the trouble. While I spent approximately 3 days studying the MDGs in school, I do not know what I can possibly say about them in relation to my trip to Mexico.

Can anyone tell me why I would be asked to do that? I definitely don't have qualifications to talk about that. I can talk about feminism (privilege, power, oppression, and treating people equitably) and I can talk about Juarez. I can tell you that the MDGs are unrealistic in that one of them aims to END POVERTY WORLDWIDE BY 2015. Hm! I'm not sure about that.

A close friend/mentor/my most respected friend from college suggested talking about the value of women's agency in improving so many things. She proposed I talk about grassroots organizations in Juarez that are continuing the fight for justicia y solidaridad and how that relates to the MDG about women. I need further thoughts. Do I do discussion questions and make all these honors kids in high school talk in groups about the power of women? Do I talk at them for 45 minutes?

I don't know what to do about this scenario. Anyway, I'll be doing that in a week. I need thoughts, world!

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